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Orange County H.D. Meet Up Location, Sat. Feb. 17th  at Noon

Nice .. . Just Plain O’ Nice

Chrome & Beauty on the Menu

Yo – You Talkin To Me

Good Times At Sagebrush Cantina, Calabasas, CA for Lunch

Chopper Ronnie & PV Mike Keeping An Eye On The Rides

Sporty Jeff Always Alert When The Camera Is ON

Everyone Is Happy at Neptune’s Net Mailibu

Boy’s Being Boyz

Pit Stop, Neptune’s Net

Don Juan & Suave Chris Discussing Motorcycles

Miss CeCe Ordering A Double Cocktail For Lunch

The Guys In Oceanside

Indian Eddie Ordering At Ojai Deer Lodge

Big Time Paul Loving Life and Costa Mesa Mike Upset About His Tab

The Lunch Debate Over The Menu

Lunch time

A Good Ride To Ojai

A Time To Grub At Deer Lodge Ojai

Big Time Paul at Deer Lodge Ojai

Stop .. . We’re All Innocent Victims Over Here

Bagger Rob – Big Mark – Surfer Gil at Deer Lodge Ojai

Madd Manny & Miss CeCe – The New Blood of Bikers4Fun

Hey, Can We All Just Get Along .. . . I Didn’t Know She Was Your Girl

OMG, The Resemblance is Remarkable .. . .

Riders & Rides

Everyone’s A Ham When The Camera Is Flicking

They All Look Like Movie Stars

Whose In Charge Of This Soiree anyway

Line Em Up – Let’s Geit ..

Damn, Where Are All The Chairs . ..

Where Would We Be Without Cells .. . . .

There Is Safety In Numbers

Hubie – Big O – Inglewood mike

Herrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny

Mt. Baldy Lodge Restaurant

Those aren’t criminals . .. they’re my friends

Wow, good times at OC Tavern in San Clemente

Kick start the mutha and stop complaining

Don’t judge . .. . just ride – JBG use to ride with South Bay’s Dick Allen

Let’s ride . ..

Smile please .. . .

Proper motorcycle wear

Proper wear is important

The Fast & The Ferocious

Speedster Eric & Chopper Ronnie “game on”

Bikers, Are you ready for the weekend?

All classic vehicles 4 sale from www.barnyardcars.com

Mechanic Dyna Rob, down and dirty time.

Lunch time at The Neighborhood Corner Bar in Santa Barbara

New rider Roy & The Shrink Ed

Which one of these bikers rides a Sports Bike? LIfe is good, alright

The big debate as to who’s buying the next round . ..

Mike and his chrome world

Reupholster Roy – Costa Mesa Mike – PV Angelo – Chopper Ronnie

Brews, pool table and friends in Lake Gregory, Crestline, CA

Costa Mesa Mike day rental

Where are they NOW?

Is she or isn’t she?

Cheeky Bike Wash Day!

Big Time Oa on the road to Sturgis ‘2017

Gas & Brew Gas Station – Now that’s what I call Full Service Oh yeah!

The Big Dawgs

Seven come Eleven . .. Life is good

No PAIN – no gain Mr. OZ Man

Who say’s male models can’t have it all . ..

Who say’s females aren’t out in the middle of “no freakin” where.

The Oz Man & Chopper Ronnie going to Sturgis ‘2017

Show girls, show bikes and good times at Sturgis ‘2017

Neon lights & butt cheeks on tap at Sturgis.

Chopper Ronnie enjoying the Sturgis Liquid Lunch!

Main street & brews . .. what else at Sturgis

Biker Happiness lives forever when you are Chopper Ronnie & Oz Man!

Bikers4Fun, aka:  Wild Dawgs represented at Sturgis

The Black Beauty of a Beast Trike!  JBG future ride

At Da Crack of Miss Dawn they started partying like it was ‘1999!

You can never have “too much” engine

Chopper Ronnie, Costa Mesa Mike & Marina Del Rey Oz make Sturgis ‘2017 ride like it was a ride around the block in So. Cal

The “Nooks & crannies”  especial Sturgis Bike Wash day

Sturgis or break, no bull. . ..

Angelo @ Sturgis ‘2017

Party time

Meet Celebrity SAM

The real Beach Boyz

Ahhhhh . .. good times!

Johnny B Good

Does life get any better than this . . .

The smiles say it all!

Yeah . . . you talkin 2 ME?

Pasadena Ivan & Indian Harley Ed at Neptune’s Net

Pit stop at Neptunes Net Malibu, CA

The three wise men – Cruiser Kurt, Bad Boy Gil and Pasadena Ivan

Everybody loves Seafood

Seafoo food today

Pasadena Ivan. . strike a pose!

Lunch at Andria’s Seafood Restaurant in Ventura, CA

The crew arriving

Where in the hell are we . ..

I told you. . . I’m not that kind of guy.

When ONLY Black will due

The Oz Man asked for it, but she said “THAT” wasn’t on the menu ..  . lol

What do you mean “FBI” documentary . . my azz

Believe it or not but this is another friendly day at the beach.

Damn .. . where did I park my motorcycle.

The bikers rest before the mountain climb ride.

Bartels’ H.D. meet up location in Marina Del Rey

The sit down at Newcomb’s Ranch Restaurant

The ol’ crew .. . where are they NOW?

A quick pit-stop at Glendale H.D. Dealership

Rest stop on our way to Oceanside

Dyna Rob – Chopper Ronnie & Indian Mike in the background.

Damn I can’t read this, where are my glasses.

A little bit of shade and a lot of bikers.

This is a normal size Saturday MC Riding group!

Oceanside Restaurant

Smiles, fun, cocktails . . oh my

Johnny’s ‘2007 Pearl White Sportster

Brah Moe definitely ON!

Biker fish stories . ..

One cup for the road . ..

Bikes babes & booze ..sup

Cruiser Kurt & PV Angelo

Nothing like a beer!

We don’t see color, we see friends and bikers

Guilty .. . with pleasure!

See it – Believe it – Achievement it

Stop – Look – Stare

Ol’ School Bikes Welcome

Too fast and over the side you go … .

Just a few of the riders

The Deputy

We Are Bikers4fun

Classic cars everywhere

New bikers buds at Neptunes Net

This is what you call “happiness”!

Alright ..  . who’s paying the bill on this gig?

We all enjoy looking at beautiful and powerful –  Harley-Davidsons . . . lol

I said let’s “geeett”

Mount up & let’s GEEETT . ..

No rush when you are Cruiser Kurt & Costa Mesa Mike. . .. no problem

Dark InvaderJeff rides again

No one understands Chopper Ronnie

Where’s the shade . . ..

Corvette, Bikers & Brews . .. . oh my!

Buds ride motorcycles

Mt. Baldy Lodge Restaurant

Motorcycle monitor . .. Cruiser Kurt

Victory Kevin, PV Angelo & Dyna Rob – A day to remember

Lazy daze at Mt Baldy Lodge

Classic ‘1965 Corvette deserves to park in the middle of our motorcycles.

Kevin & his Victory at Mt Baldy Lodge

Let’s do this guys.

Bikers rider’s and my friends

Black clothing . . ..mandatory

Who looks guilty in this pic with the Silver G0-Tee Costa Mesa Mike .. . . who?

The biker line up

This is Fast Eric

Meet up at Bartles H. D. Dealership in Marina Del Rey

Hugs & comrades ride for safety

Let’s ride right after this Brew.

All smiles when you ride with bikers4fun.com

Another So. Cal perfect Malibu day.

Hawg delicious, beach style

Neptune’s Net brew pit stop

Where’s my freakin bike, damn grasshoppers.

Everyone love’s motor psycho’s

Everyone’s a comedian

6 grasshoppers please

Story telling time . . ..

Food, motorcycles & nature

Yo, sex mour grasshoppers missy.

Can we talk . . ..

Da Crew


That’s Biker Bill in the gray jacket . .. . hey boss, get well and back on the road with us soon.

Bikers are never in a rush to mount up to go back home. Never

What’s cooler than a bunch of bikers .. . .

The eagle eye Dyna Rob

VIP Parking at OC Tavern in San Clemente, thank you all for being so considerate

When its time to eat, We Eat

Chopper Ronnie are you sure you are close enough for the picture?

Great service and food at OC Tavern Bar & Grill in San Clemente

Now let me see . .. .

Damn . .. how do you start this pig?

Hollywould Kurt incognito

Yes, it is White T-Shirt day

Dyna Rob might be sick today, but thats not stopping him.  Let’s Ride baby . ..

Costa Mesa Mike approves Rowdy Sean’s motorcycle, black is beautiful

Can a biker take a “break”

No colors . . just pride and a high ass Fico Score!  I got your cash right “HERE” baby

A little shade is all a biker needs

Strike a pose . .. vogue vogue vogue – Bartels’ Harley-Davidson Dealership 

Let’s mount up

Sport Bikes are a must!

All smiels when you ride with  www.bikers4fun.com

It’s a perfect time of the day to check Your Phone . . . I guess

What? .. .  there’s an outstanding BILL?

Clean is clean

Always on the go go go ..

Does it get any better than this?

We say “why not”, why not stop at the local liquore store for a cold one

Can you guess which biker is “connected”?

Deer Lodge Restaurant, time to eat

Note, only the guilty look freakin guilty when theres a camera

Bad Brad walking the Catwalk!  Song – “I’m Too Sexy”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5mtclwloEQ 

Sommelier Kevin, PV Angels & HD Salesman just admiring the Hogs!

These Guys Don’t Lie – song

One of these guys is “dirty”, now guess.

Let’s Do Pomona

The collest bikers always take the longest!

Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson is doing everything right. Thanks

Oz, his theme somg “Sleep Walk”

Miss Jessica is an excellent employee!

Okay who’s awake and who’s asleep?

Our waitress – Miss Jessica

Strike a pose, vogue vogue vogue!

Yes even Mt. Baldy Lodge has Indians

Can life get any better than this. . ..

You could almost say Oz makes The Indain shine.

The good, the bad and the handsome . . let’s talk.

Indian Harley Ed the shrink, PV Angelo and Bad Brad all smiles!

Oh yeah, nothing like good service, good food and Jessica our waitress with a dynamite smile.

Yo – all of youz, let’s dance.

Good friends, good beer, good excuse to take a break or brake..

The picture isn’t really blurry . ..  we’re just “hammered”! BAM

You know life is not fair when you have three flats in three months.

Bikers4Fun enjoying life at Neptune’s Net Malibu biker hangout on PCH!

When life calls for friends!

Life couldn’t possibly get any better than this .. .