• As Of Today I Am Going To Re-Instate Two Rides Every Saturday – A Short Ride And A Long Ride

    Because I listen To All Of Our Riders And I Try To Accommodate The Masses, We Will Have Two Rides Every Saturday – A Long Ride & A Short Ride Destination. Both Rides Will Be Going In The Same Direction, But The Short Ride Will Offer Those Riders With A Time Restraint To Be Able To Get Some Asphalt Time In With Their Friends And Enough Time To Get Home To Accomplish Their Other Commitments With Their Families!  JBG

  • Saturday We Ride For Rita Flasch (R.I.P.) June 15, 2024 We Ride To Castaic Lake To Rita’s Resting Place.

    We Ride To Castaic Lake For Biker Rita Flasch (R.I.P.), We Will All Miss Her Infectious Smile. Bring Flowers, Bring Your Prayers and Show Your Love. And For Everyone’s Safety & Well Being I Implore Y’all To Buy A Motorcycle CAM, Always Ride With A Buddy And To Invite All Of Rita’s Biker Friends . … Thank You 3 Meet Up Locations – 9:45 am Bartels’ HD Dealership, 11:15 am Chevron Station Castaic, Lunch Las Rocas Bar & Grill Castaic 9:45 -10:15 am  Meet At Bartels’ HD Dealership, 4141 Lincoln Bl, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Directions11:15- 11:30 am  Meet Chevron Station, 31515 Ridge Rte. Rd, Castaic, CA  Directions Memorial…